What Will It Take For The Angels To Return To Glory In 2018?

4377989_093018-kabc-ap-mike-scioscia-090518-imgPhoto By: AP Photo/Ray Carlin

Well, the Angels are a new team, with a new staff, and a new beginning. Mike Scossia has finally stepped down as manager after one of the longest tenures by any manager in the MLB. Now we have a new head honcho, by the name of Brad Ausmus, former Detroit Tigers Manager. You must be wondering, “really?! doesn’t Detroit suck?”. Well yes, but that wasn’t because of bad coaching it was mostly because Detroit really doesn’t have much talent besides Miguel Cabrera. So, what does that mean for the Angels, who have promising young talent, well it means that this young team, with Shohei Ohtani has a bright future, but for this to go right, there has to be many cards that this new management staff needs to play at the right time in order for this team to be a playoff contender.

Pitching for this team is major need. the pitching squad for this Angels team has been one of the most inconsistent pitching in the league since 2010. Billy Eppler needs to a better job at finding suitable pitchers, instead of finding young ones all the time. You’re not gonna just find another Francisco Rodriguez for a long time. This team needs experience and talent, there is a ton of young pitchers that have shown promise and potential in the 2018 season. Guys like Noe Ramirez, and Jaime Barria are some names that have shown glimpses of hope for this pitching squad. Shohei Ohtani and Keynan Middleton are both with injuries and without them, this young group of pitchers has just gotten that weaker. If you want the most out of these young guys, you need to have pitcher who has been in the league for a long time and can be a mentor to all of them and believe me, you will see significant improvement for many years to come.

Batting is a major key to winning games, and the Angels batting is also pretty inconsistent. There are times when the Angels will score 13 points in a games and then completely not score for most others and that’s just a strange trend that has been brought to light in the 2018 season. This team has to be able to hit well and consistently d of this on and off switch during each week. The batting needs definite improvement against lefty pitcher, the Angels ended last season as one of the worst teams against lefty pitchers, and that’s not a good thingĀ  to tell other teams, because they will exploit that weakness no matter what. A lot of the batters for the Angels also seem to just want to bomb the ball all the time and that’s ok….. sometimes. The batters for this team need to understand that just trying to hit the ball through the clouds is not gonna win you games all the time, unless you have a team full of Barry Bonds. Take David Fletcher for example, the guy is a rising stud, not just because he’s good at his position, but because he gets on base a lot of the time and that’s because of his “smart” batting technique in which he can hit the ball where ever he likes to and benefits the team every time.

If the Angels can see these weaknesses and fix them, they can be a championship contender once more in the 2019 season.

Featured photo by: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

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