Who Is Devon Modster And Why Golden Bear Nation Should Be Excited

878792014.jpg.0 (1)Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I had just got home and sat down on the couch, tired from a long day at work and I was thinking about college football, and I had a thought, “Let’s see how Modster’s doing”. I pulled out my Iphone, typed his name in the search bar and what I saw made me get up out of my couch and I just starting jumping and screaming like crazy. Devon Modster is transferring to the University of California Berkeley to play as a Golden Bear. And I cannot begin to say how excited I am to see Modster play under the Blue and Gold. But I bet a lot of Bears fan are going, “Who the hell is this guy?”. Well sit back and relax because I’m about to break down a tale about a quarterback from Mission Viejo, California.

Devon Modster started his football career at Mission Viejo High School where he played as a Diablo his freshman year, but then decided to transfer to Tesoro High School to seek less competition for the starting Quarterback position. I went to high school with this guy, and I can remember a lot of students and teammates that looked up to this guy, because he was humble and was a one of the best athletes on campus. He is considered as one of the best Quarterbacks to play with a Tesoro Titans jersey, behind Rob Picazo who went to Stanford. Modster is a dual threat QB who can run and throw an amazing deep ball with great accuracy. The first time I saw him on tv when he was with the UCLA Bruins, it was during the 2017 Cactus Bowl in Arizona, which now known as the Cheez-It Bowl. Modster stepped in for an injured Josh Rosen who is now a starting QB with the Arizona Cardinals. His performance stole the show in the first half with multiple throws to the top WR for UCLA, Jordan Lasley. He finished the game with a QB rating of 154.1. He threw 2 touchdown passes and threw for 295 yards. For me to see him thrive as a starting QB made my hopes rise because after this performance and with Josh Rosen leaving that year, I knew that Modster would likely be the starting QB. But the next year, UCLA brought in Chip Kelly, the once famed college football coach and guess what, he benched Modster the entire season behind a QB from Michigan who played just decent. So props to Modster for making the decision to transfer out of UCLA.

Nothing can contain the excitement I am feeling, because with Modster transferring to Cal, it is a big deal and the Bears are getting a huge upgrade at QB in Modster. This guy can make great reads and can fit in with Justin Wilcox’s Offensive scheme perfectly. I wrote and article predicting Cal’s odds of being in the top 25 next year, well scratch that, the Bears are guaranteed a top ten 10 in the nation next, and I would bet on it too if I wanted to. The only thing Cal would need to do is figure out a running game next season because Laird would have most likely moved on already, and also get Modster some play maker receivers that can get open, because this guy will get the ball in their hands for sure. I know I might be contradicting what I said about Chase Garbers, and I do still believe in him and his chance will come to be a great quarterback with Cal, but I just hope the Bears utilizes Modster’s talent because he is a beast with the football, and take that from a guy that went to watch a lot of high school football games when he was at my school. Next year I will be watching a lot of Golden Bears football games, because I’m ready to see Devon play in a Golden Bears football jersey and Bears fans, get real crazy because it’s gonna be a wild ride in Berkeley when the 2019 college football season comes.

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